Infinity Power

We like working with professionals who help companies grow and who make their own contribution to consulting and creative solutions.

IPI, which stands for Infinity Power International, is a company whose aim is mainly to help develop companies from various industries. For this client, we prepared a new company website. We also cooperate in other areas and support each other in current projects.

Business is not about corporations, it is about people

When developing the concept of the company website, we assumed that professional business consulting needs to be based on real relationships between people. This is why IPI is presented from a perspective which focuses on its experienced team, which can effectively deal with challenges.

IPI is a brand created by women who do really well in business, even though it is still believed to be a man’s world. We used pastel beige to break up the client’s company colours and make the image more friendly and elegant at the same time.

An individual development path and training courses

The company is primarily responsible for analysing the current situation of any brand asking it for help. Then IPI prepares an individual development strategy for that brand. Moreover, IPI runs personal development courses for individual clients.

The website we prepared makes it possible to filter out courses and sign up for them.