The cult brand Krakus is our regular customer, for whom we work on online projects.

We had the opportunity to prepare another website dedicated to presenting Krakus products. The new product website reflects the values of the brand. It is distinguished by simplicity and modern character. The dominant cleanness and the presentation of packshots contrasted against a stone background and accessories.

Presentation of Krakus brand character

The customer’s requirements assumed the greatest possible minimalism, therefore simple forms were used, and the colours in the project were matched to the key visual of the brand. The website clearly presents the offer of individual product groups and information about each of them.

Packshots first

The website presents Animex products – kabanos, sausages and cold cuts in many variants. Our project concerned the product page, so the packshots are a distinctive element. It was seamlessly integrated with accessories such as stone background, as well as vegetables and herbs.