The iconic and widely known Morliny cold cuts brand is another product line belonging to the American company Animex.

The success of previous projects for this customer meant that we were responsible for implementing an important element of the new brand communication in the form of a consumer website.

Rebranding of the Morliny brand

The website created by us refers to the new layout of Morliny cold cuts packaging. The producer has rebranded and changed the positioning of the brand. Therefore, it was necessary to take a new look at the presentation of Morliny on the internet.

Cold cuts as if from a local shop

Research has shown that consumers are particularly fond of cold cuts that they buy in local, well-known butcher shops. That is why the new Morliny brand identity is based on this advertising message.

Well-known products in a refreshed version is a recipe for a new opening and sales success.

Culinary inspirations

The recipes section is an important part of the new website. Each of them provides inspiration on how to prepare Morliny brand products. Interesting recipes and professional photos of each dish encourage you to prepare them at home. The recipe database has been equipped with filters, which make it easy to find the right culinary inspiration. Preparation time and difficulty are also given for each recipe.